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Cottonella Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

   Product Profile

       In researching and applying the nano anti-bacterial and negative-ion materials has made a great breakthrough in the application and development of this anti-bacterial and the negative ion material to the hygiene products. It is the only high-tech healthy product with releasing negative ions, anti-bacterial, far infrared emission, odor removal and human health functions. After detected by the national authoritative department, a performance index of the product is reached the leading level in the world.

   Cottonella Anti-Bacterial Sanitary Napkin

   • Product Function:

   1. Release Negative Ions:

    Anion and Anti-bacterial composite chips applied in sanitary napkin can release negative ions. The Anion can penetrate into human body for a long time in the blood circulation. Long-term using the anti-bacterial anion sanitary napkin can improve the microcirculation, active collaterals, remove thrombosis and blood poison, antiphlogisis , soothe the nerves, decompress, improve blood circulation and human micro- ecological balance. Remove the peculiar smell. The negative ions that released by the chips can effective discompose the peculiar smell of the menstruation and secretory product.

   Active Cells - Anion can active metabolism, eliminate wastes and poisonous and harmful substances.

Cleanse the Blood – Anion can make body fluid week alkaline and resists lactic acid fatigue elements and so on.

   Stable plant nerve – Anion Influence the stress function of the plant nerve system, adjust plant nerve    disorder.

Enhance the capacity of resistance – Anion active meshy endodermis system function, increase the globulin in the blood, improve the quality and quantity of the leukocytes, enhance its swallowing bacteria functions.

Analgesic action – Positive ions make the body fluid acidic, causing blood circulation impeded and metabolism dull and causing pain substances stay glazed. Inhaled an amount of anion can correct the far infrared material that is very beneficial to human health. The optimal wave length of the far infrared ray that is suitable for the body absorb is 9.6 muon. However, the far infrared wavelengths of the mimiral crystal in chips is 2-18 muon, And radiated power launch density is higher than 0.04Wcm2. Data above can fully proves that far infrared that radiated by the anion material crystals can coordinate well with human body and can be thoroughly absorbed by the human body.

   2. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Septic function:

    Chip adopt unique unmistakeable technology. It is compounded of metal ions, rare-earth ions, nanometre, polarity mineral material and has extremely strong antibacterial properties (anti-bacterial properties is up to 90%).

   • Cottonella anti-bacterial anion composite chip(sanitary napkin special) characteristics:

   1. Effective and stable and sustainable release negative ions.

Brake through the problem that the ions only can be produced in the dynamic environment. The difference from the “anion chips” in the market is that we adopt the anion material which is refined. It can release the negative ions steadily and effectively. In the static state it can release 1200/sm2 steadily, effectively and consistently and in the dynamic state, the anion result 6,000/cm3 above. In the present market, some anion chips need rub or friction when releasing negative ions in the use. It couldn’t release negative ions steadily or even couldn’t release negative ions in static state. It cannot satisfy the requirement that needs function even in the not exercise state.

   2. Security

   The material of the chips is a virulent and harmless substance and can be used safely.

   3. Durability

The material of the chips are taken from the natural mineral and refined by the high-tech processing method. It releases negative ions from the magnetic between the minerals molecules, and the magnetic between the molecules is long-standing. Although the usage of the sanitary napkin is not long, for the producer, it needs a period from production, storage, transportation and distribution etc. However, the durability of the materials chip material satisfies the factory’s requirements in the process from production to distribution.

   4. Multi-Function

Cottonella Anti-bacterial Sanitary Napkin is a multi-functional napkin, it contain chips that release negative ions, infrared, anti-bacterial, bamboo charcoal, odor removal, magnetic elements and the health care function.

• Bamboo Charcoal elements in Cottonella has many features in sanitary napkins:

   1. Antibiosis and Deodorization

For porous structure of bamboo charcoal, it can absorb strongly all kinds of sulphide, nitride methanol, benzene, and some other chemical hazards.

   2. Moisture absorb and wet permeating

   3. Releasing anino and Purifying Air

Bamboo Charcoal can release anino that makes the air fresh and clean, improves metabolism, prevents aging and manages emotion and so on.

   4. Releasing far infrared

Far infrared can warm the body, promote human cells microcirculation and is very useful to human health.

   5. Obstruction wave

   This chip can intercept electromagnetic wave and has everlasting anti-static.

   6. Regulating PH Body

   • Life Magnetic Elements:

Therapeutic effect of the magnetic field: Calm and improve sleeping quantity, has analgesic action Antiphlogistic effects and detumescence roles. One of the reason that the magnetic field can promote healthy is that magnetic field is beneficial for the metabolic waste elimination. If the waste that generated In metabolism couldn’t eliminate from the body and deposit in the body. It also can causing some discomfort and is bad for the health in the long time. Under the action of the magnetic field, it can accelerate metabolism faces and promote nutrients and oxygen supply through improving blood circulation, especially microcirculation. All of these are helpful for the health.

   1. Magnetic effects principle:

The magnetic field can adjust anion and cation of the body, promote blood circulation and increase blood oxygenation from the magnetic field. It can increase the anion of the body, adjust the balance of the anion and cation, activate blood, promotional blood oxygenation and enhance immunity, etc.

   2. Magnetic healthcare indications:       

Circulation system: Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Hyperlipidemia, etc.
Digestive System: Gastropathy, Indigestion, Constipation, gall-stone, etc.
Nervous System: Facial Paralysis, Neurasthenia, Sciatica, Neurological, Migraine, Insomnia, etc.
Movement system: Cervical spondylosis, lumbago, Periarthritis of shoulder, etc.
Respiratory System: Asthma, Bronchitis etc.
Gynecological Diseases: Dysmenorrhoea, menstruation, women menopause syndrome
Genitourinary System: Prostatitis, impotence premature ejaculation, chronic nephritis
ENT Diseases: Eye diseases, deafness, tinnitus, rhinitis, etc

3. Characteristics

a. Overall anti-bacteria
From the surface to the diversion layer, then to suck flavour layer, Bibulous layer, Cottonella Anti-Bacterial Sanitary napkin adopt overall anti-bacterial treatment. Cottonella Anti-Bacterial sanitary Napkin can eliminate bacteria living environment to provide a healthy guarantee for the female in the menstrual periods.
b. Remove smell
The overall anti-bacterial treatment of Cottonella Anti-Bacterial Sanitary Napkin can reduce the bacteria and microbial odor emission in the root, solving the peculiar smell trouble of the female physiological cycles.

“Cottonella Holistic Approach to overall health and well being on women needs.”

Direction of Use:
1. It is best to change sanitary napkin every 3-4 hours or when heavily soiled.
2. Please avoid wearing a long time and excessive exercise
3. You may feel better wearing pants or skirt however. >

Why Naturally Grown Cotton may Become Your New Best Friend

“Natural” cotton is cotton without dioxins and chlorine by-products. Hydrogen peroxide replaces any chlorine containing substances used in the bleaching process

Natural Cotton has many benefits:
• Soft and Fluffy, natural cotton feels comfortable against your skin.
• Unlike synthetic materials, natural cotton allows your skin to breath while air flows easily through the cotton fiber.
• Compatible with your body’s PH
• Hypoallergenic
• Natural absorbency may replace the need for super absorbent fluff wood pulp found in conventional pads.

“We have to warn you, however….Once you experience the feel of natural cotton, you may never want to go back to synthetics.” When you step up to natural cotton, you may be lending the environment a hand too. Instead of tree farmed wood fluff pulp to make the absorbent cores of sanitary pads, natural cotton pads use Cotton that can be harvested once a year, whereas trees take 6 to 12 years of grow.

Premium Personal Care Line of Cottonella natural cotton top panty liners and sanitary pads are all…..
• Made with natural cotton – A more naturally breathable fiber that may be healthier for your body and the earth.
• Chlorine and toxin free- Keep potentially dangerous substances away from your most intimate body parts.
• Synthetic-free- For a softer and plastic-less feel.
• Hypoallergenic and soothing, especially for those with sensitive skin. Perfume and scent-free.
• User-friendly-easy and comfortable to use.

Now, you can choose from assortment of quality COTTONELLA feminine hygiene products.

• Natural Cotton Classic Contour Pantiliners
Comfy soft, top cotton interlace cover 100% natural cotton absorbent core with breathable leak protection back layer offers outstanding protection. Leak protection channels pull fluid away from the body of maximum dryness. Curved, hourglass shape foe a slimmer, more comfortable fit. Individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene.

• Natural Cotton Ultra thin Pads
Complete with wings for added protection and secure fits, choose Day Pad for regular flow and Night Pad for heavy flow or night-time use. Special cotton interlace cover sheet over a 100% natural cotton absorbent core with leak control channels. Triple adhesive strip stays put where you place it. Individually wrapped.

Pack in a re-sealable food grade aluminium foil so to maintain its freshness and better hygiene instead of regular plastic or box type carton that does not reseal, in order to avoid it from dust and other hazard elements.

A report from toxicologist article The Truth About Sanitary Napkins

         The Truth About Sanitary Napkins

You probably do not think about sanitary napkins often. You use them as you need to. You may even look for least expensive product on the market, so that you can save a few dollars on something you will toss out anyway. However, this could be a big problem for those who are being exposed to chemicals and toxins, as well as to a higher amount of bacteria that is necessary.

These napkins are necessary to use, unless you use other products including reusable cloth menstrual sanitary pads or other specialized devices. However, most people want to forget about what they are using and not have to worry about cleaning them. In either case, it is important to look for some specialized features in these napkins. Doing so may even help protect your health.

What should you look for when it comes to napkins for menstruation?

Keep the following things in mind:

1. Ensure that the product has a cloth over layer. The cloth outer layer will dry faster and therefore will help to keep the area dry, which reduces irritation and inflammation.
2. Do invest in super absorbency, but not because you do not want to change them frequently. You should change these pads every few hours. Super absorbent products will pull more of the moisture and fluid away from the body, allowing the skin to dry effectively and faster.
3. Look for products that are free from toxins and chemicals. Although you may not realize it, many of these products can irritate your skin, leaving you with itching, painfully irritated skin. It is also important to avoid products with dye, fragrance or medication in them.

New Antibacterial Negative Ions Products

Products you may have seen on the market are sanitary napkin and pads that have negative Ions in them. This means that the product has the ability to emit negative ions that will kill bacteria on contact. They are able to reduce the amount of bacteria present, to stop the potential infections that may be direct result of these bacteria. These products are not more expensive than other products on the market. However, they can provide your body with protection you need.

Be Consistent

If you hope to maintain overall health using these feminine hygiene tips, keep in mind that you have to be consistent. With sanitary napkins, use high quality on a regular basis. This will help reduce the chances of infections and irritations.

Cottonella Antibacterial negative ions cotton sanitary napkins and pads

Corresponding to the above mention tips by the Toxicologist.

1. Cottonella antibacterial sanitary napkins has a natural cotton top layer , not synthetic cotton and not so call cottony feel but real natural cotton top. Because its natural cotton, it reduces irritation and inflammation when contact with the most sensitive part of the body, cotton by its nature is breathable, and will dry faster and keep the area dry.
2. Cottonella antibacterial sanitary napkins has a layer of (SAP) super absorbent paper made from natural by-product made in Japan. It can hold up to 140cc of fluid during heavy days and transform it to jelly form. so it allow the skin to dry effectively and faster.
3. Cottonella antibacterial sanitary napkin is the only product in the market that has clinical trial and tested by dermatologist and obstetrician-gynaecologist. Its Hypoallergenic, fragrance free.
4. Cottonella antibacterial sanitary napkin is a multi-functional napkin, it contain chips that releasing negative ions, infrared, anti-bacterial, bamboo charcoal, odor removal, magnetic elements and health care function.

Comparison between Cottonella Anti-bacterial Sanitary Napkin with Negative ion and traditional Sanitary Napkin

Function Project Common Function Sanitary Napkin Cottonella Solution Project
Comprehensive Anti-bacteria Anti-bacteria in part area, can not meet consumers anti- Bacteria demand Unique nano materials and nano anti-bacteria technology, considering sanitary napkin whole structure, diminish generating and realize Comprehensive anti- bacteria
Deodorize Simply cover peculiar smell with perfume or surface treatment Solve peculiar smell generate circumstance fundamentally Multi-level adsorption and degradeble, realize effectively Deodorization
Water absorption Normal water absorption ability, anti-reverse osmosis ability is not obvious Unique diversion absorption theory, fast absorbing, effectively prevent anti-reverse Osmosis
Anti-Side Leakage Normal three dimensional guards design, anti-leakage ability is not good Add anti- leakage proof edge design, get rid of leakage, make Sanitary surface dry
Other function Simply negative ions or infrared function, function Is not obvious Unique nano technology, can meet female physiological characteristics and healthy demands, effectively realize comprehensive functions, nano Silver sanitary strips chips

Cottonella Anti-Bacterial Sanitary Napkin Market Analysis:

The core security question, ”hygiene” has been ignored repeatedly. According to the relevant experts,it is very common that the ordinary sanitary napkin carries bacteria. It can encounter secondary pollution in the multiple links from the production to consumption. It is reported that 50% Salpigitis hold patients in the world used unclean sanitation products. As the improvement of living standards and the health consciousness of the consumers, anion anti-bacterial sanitary napkin (pads) will be affected by women. The trend is obvious that it will replace the traditional sanitary napkin.

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    My dilemma every month is suffering from dysmenorhea when havin a period. I'm physically exhausted and irritated, my mood suddenly change because of this uncomfortable filling. A friend told me to use a product named COTTONELLA, and i just tried it.

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    ...thanks to cottonella natural cotton itchy feeling, i feel very fresh all day. worry free.. it did last for almost stains left on my underwear.. ;)

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    No more uncomfortable and uneasy feeling after having switched to Cottonella. Less hassle and less worries.And this is what it takes for ladies to be able to gain more confidence even when having their period.

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    Hi, you were recommended by my OB-GYN in Makati Med. I am interested in your products. If I will oder a package for pads and soaps, how much is that? Aside that i'm going to use as my personal, for business too. Hoping for your response. my contact n

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    I personally used this product.. and i love it.. hope you guys are encouraged to use especially those who encounter irregular periods. this may help you.. so go and try this out :D

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    At first i dont believe about your product but then one of my friend told me to just try it. Then i try the soap it helps my face to lessen my pimples.

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    the best and product nyo. I like it!

    2014-09-05 14:28:18

    Greetings! I am one of your avid consumer. But I just want to ask if the cottonella feminine soap can be use as facial cleanser? Hoping for a reply from you soon. Thank you in advance!

    2014-09-08 22:47:41

    Julie Ann,Yes, you can use the Natural Hygiene Soap as facial cleanser as well as body soap. It works better since it`s Hypoallergenic, with Monolaurin, Lactic acid and Glycerin, it moisturize and protect your sensitive skin.

    2015-01-14 15:07:54

    I have an irregular period, is it beneficial to use Cottonella to correct this problem?

    2015-01-17 09:47:13

    Ren, from survey that we have, It can be beneficial if you start using Cottonella Pantyliner to help regulate your irregular period and it will be more helpful to use Cottonella DayPad or NightPad after that. It`s because we only use natural cotton top (not cottony) with aniti-bacterial strip w/c is clinically tested.